Amanda Stubbs, new kitchen manager and chef at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, has revamped some of the theater’s menu items. She prides her self in taking something very simplistic and upgrading it to something deliciously delectable.

Where were you were born?

“Killeen, Texas.”

How did you find yourself at the Alamo coming all the way from Texas?

“It’s funny because this originally was my second job, my first job didn’t work out and they needed a new chef here and I just went for it.”

When did you decide be a chef, what sparked your interest?

“About a year after high school. I didn’t expect to become a chef, but I wanted to get out of Winchester. My grandmother and mother praised my cooking skills and I enjoyed it. I ended up going to Pittsburg’s Culinary School then took a job at Pinehurst Golf Resort. I eventually started working here (at the Alamo Drafthouse.)”

Is there anyone who specifically inspired you to become a chef?

“Definitely my mother, step mom and mostly my grandma. I still use their recipes. I loved watching them cook and helping them. My grandma made almost everything from scratch including her signature pasta. Noodles, sauce and all. She even grows her own herbs as well. It’s truly been a bonding experience learning from her.”

What styles have you brought into the kitchen based your experiences?

“Definitely a lot of southern style. Pinehurst was centered around the southern style. They also influenced using beer in food, which I tend to do here on some dishes. It just adds a whole different flavor. Aside from my grandmother’s Italian style, my step-dad is from England so he also influenced some savory styles that Europeans tend to use.”

What is your favorite flavor to work with?

Probably extrememly savory, like I said my step-dad is from England and they focus on bring out each flavors of a relatively simple recipe and making them blend. I also like to work with southwest styles and some spices. If I can turn it into a taco, I’m gonna turn it into a taco.”

What was your favorite dish as a child?

“Easily my grandma’s homemade pasta made from scratch.”

What is the most essential item in your kitchen, one you could not depart without?

“My knife.”

What is the key ingredient of becoming and maintaining success as a chef?

“Probably just pushing yourself. I learned that if you think you can’t go faster, you can go faster and you have to go faster if you want to succeed.  Multitasking is another big thing that potential chefs need to master even before they start in the kitchen. You may have 20 orders going on at once, but it’s your responsibility to make them right, delicious and presentable.”

Snack Bites:

The one condiment I can’t live without is: Ketchup

My guilty pleasure snack (or dish) is: Plain sandwiches but they have to have chips. Plain wavy Lays are my favorite.

My new favorite tool or gadget is: an Immersion Blender