Chef Steve Ferrell

Head Chef Steve Ferrell of the Hillbrook Inn & Spa

Chef Steve brings the sophistication of fine dining to a country, luxury retreat in the Blue Ridge
“Combining my years growing up with down home food from their gardens and farms, I am simply incorporating the life of our past to the sophistication of today’s world still using our local food resources.”

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, Steve Ferrell grew up in the small town of Brunswick, Maryland. Steve enjoys working at country inn resorts. As Head Chef at the Hillbrook Inn and Spa, Steve enjoys getting the best of both worlds by cooking sophisticated dishes in the quiet tranquil setting here in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Foodie Bites
My guilty pleasure snack is: Oreo cookies and Milk
My favorite meal growing up as a child – literally anything with mashed potatoes

Most essential item in the kitchen is: The blender
The one condiment I can’t live without is: All types of vinegar, very underrated for its ability to brighten up all sorts of recipes

picture of salad for Root to Table August Event

Creating beauty from Local Sourced Vegetables

Meet Chef Steve Ferrell…

What sparked your interest to become a chef?
“I came back from my first year of college not really sure what to do with my life, I was working as a bar-back where my brother was working, I struck up a friendship with the chef and began helping him when he was busy, that is where I found out I was good at cooking and enjoyed it so I decided to go to culinary school to learn more about the profession.”

Chef’s Training
Culinary Institute of America, graduated 2008

Steve’s foodie passion has family connections…

picture of Hillbrook Inn chef Ferrell prepping in kitchen

Chef Steve prepping for Root to Table Event

“I loved eating my grandparents food growing up, my mothers father was Italian and would always make great spaghetti and meatballs, my fathers mother was from Tennessee and made great southern comfort food.  Chef Kris Greene inspired me to go to CIA.”

Who was your biggest inspiration?
“Chef Greene was a CIA grad and showed me what cooking professionally actually meant, and what great food could be, up until that point I was just recreating recipes from my family and friends mom’s.”

Food Styles and Food Flavors…

What are your food styles?
“My style has steadily changed over the years, beginning with exploring different cultures cuisine, Mexican was my first interest, then I moved into several different Asian cuisines, now I like to focus more on treating great products with respect and simplicity, I tend to lean more towards Italian cuisine because it reminds me of growing up and comfort food.”


picture of head and pastry chef | Taste of Blue Ridge

Chef Steve with Sous Chef Amanda

Do you have a favorite food flavor?
“Right now I love caramelized/ roasted flavors, I find it amazing how sweet and complex different vegetable can become when roasted or grilled, I love brown butter, lately I have been trying to substitute it in a variety of different of recipes from savory to sweet with wonderful results.”

What is the type staff you look for?
“For me, I like down to earth hard working people. I love to teach so I love curious people who love to learn. I am an introvert so I prefer not do deal with big egos.”


picture of Hillbrook Inn New Year’s Featured Entrée

Featured New Year’s Eve Entrée with Local Resourced Beef and Vegetables

What is your passion about living here in the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley?
“I love the visual beauty of the area, I love that we have 4 distinct season, I get tired of cooking the same things all the time, new seasons bring about new products and new cravings.

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