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Doc’s Tea

Docs Tea | Taste of Blue Ridge

Premium Micro-Brewed Teas


4325 Gerrardstown Rd, Inwood, West Virginia 25428

  • All natural ingredients
  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Just what the doctor ordered

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Meet Sarah Langford and Dr. Banks

What was the inspiration behind Doc’s Tea?

Dr Banks of Doc's Tea | Taste of Blue RidgeDr. Ken Banks, a dentist in the eastern panhandle of WV is the brains behind the business. He got very interested in loose leaf rooibos tea a few years ago. The more research he did on the health benefits of this herbal bush, the more he liked what he was drinking. The market is saturated with Ready to Drink Teas, but there was a gap when it came to Ready to Drink Rooibos Tea. Rooibos comes from the “red bush” and is grown naturally caffeine free. You can find a lot of decaf teas, but to find something grown naturally caffeine free is not as easy. And thus came the idea for a micro brewed tea to fill this void.


Dr. Banks decided he wanted to try to brew this rooibos with unique flavor profiles. He took it a step farther and decided to brew himself, because the benefits of a micro brewed teas (small batch RTD tea) exceeded what he was finding when he looked into co-packers. Doc’s Tea launched in June 2015 and we now have 8 Sku’s and are getting ready to launch our 1st kids tea, Little Doc’s.

Ingredients Doc's Tea| Taste of Blue RidgeBy brewing in small batches and we don’t filter out all the healthy, good for you ingredients we put into our beverage. We also brew with actual tea leaves, no concentrates, and instead of just using flavors in our products, we use actual ingredients, for example, apple chips and cinnamon sticks are brewed into our Apple Cinnamon tea. Sweetened with monk fruit, you aren’t going to find more than 1g of sugar in an entire bottle and 10 calories or less in a bottle. Elderberry Blueberry and Sangria are our most popular, they are 0 grams of sugar and 5 calories in the bottle! Doesn’t get much sweeter than that for your health 🙂

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