Coton & Rye at Lansdowne

Coton & Rye at Lansdowne Resort

Coton & Rye at Lansdowne Resort

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Address – 44050 Woodridge Parkway Leesburg, VA 20176
Phone – 703-729-8400

Coton & Rye

  • Built on the land that was originally Coton Farm
  • Taste the first legal batch of Virginia whisky made from grain grown in Loudoun County since Prohibition
  • Leesburg, Virginia
  • Daily menu change based on what is locally harvested

Coton & Rye Timings

Hours of Operation: Vary daily, please call 703-858-2104

Coton & Rye, a Leesburg, VA restaurant and tavern, is a celebration of Virginia’s rich culinary history, with signature dishes from the past. Coton & Rye is a story of a farm that once stood on our land. Today, Executive Chef Marcus Repp has partnered with local farms in Loudoun County to create true recipes that are native to the Old Dominion. His signature dishes include the Chicken Pot Pie and the Virginia Style Iron Pan Steak and Taters. This bar in Leesburg, VA features a beverage program centered around local ingredients, Virginia wine, and locally crafted beverages. Don’t miss our delectable desserts like the Spots of “Sweetnin” doughnuts or the mouth-watering and extravagant War Cake of 1812 a.k.a. “unnecessarily large piece of chocolate cake.” Enjoy homemade Virginia recipes and live entertainment on Thursdays or watch your favorite sports games at this bar in Leesburg, VA.

Why Coton & Rye

The land where Coton & Rye sits was desired by many for its location on the Potomac River. One of our original land owners, Thomas Lee, whom Leesburg is named after, had many notable sons including two signers of the Declaration of Independence. In 1796, Thomas Lee’s son, Thomas Ludwell Lee and his family made the land their home and named it Coton Farm after their ancestral home in England. They grew wheat, corn, operated a distillery, and a meat house. Stories of the land include hosting General Marquis de Lafayette, operating an ordinary (similar to a tavern), and Mrs. Lee hosting American soldiers for dinner during the War of 1812. While the land exchanged hands many times over the year, it’s always exhibited a history rich in hospitality and still does to this day.  

Meet the General Manager – Coming Soon