The Gasoline Station – Restaurant is being revived

Throx Market Station and Throx Brew Market & Grille


Throx Market Station
Largest Craft Beer and Craft Soda selection in the Shenandoah Valley

1016 Millwood Pike, Winchester, VA 22601


  • Hearty Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, and more
  • Two locations in Winchester, VA
  • A take off on Gas Station- Restaurant from the past

Monday – Friday 5:00AM – 8:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Pull off Interstate 81 at Exits 313 and 317 and walk into the “Best Kept Food and Drink Secrets” in the Blue Ridge. Throx Market Station  and Throx Brew Market and Grille on the outside look like any other gas stations with food, but walk in and you’ll find they are unlike any other. With gourmet foods being made from the best local sourced food and craft beers and craft sodas filling the shop, this gas station is unique to itself.

Meet Pam Throckmorton – owner

Pam Throckmorton is the owner of the Throx Market. Pam has been in the service station industry since 1975 and convenience store industry since 1982. We sat down to chat about her company.

Pam comes from a family who loves good food. Her mother was a cook who loved to gather recipes. She always had a garden and fruit trees in the yard where their family would get vegetables and fruits from. Pam’s father also raised pigs and Angus beef cattle on their small farm.

“This upbringing gave my brother and I our passion for good food, eye for presentation and gift of hospitality which has been passed on to our sons.”

How did Throx Market begin?

In 1982 an old local gas station located near I-81 was bought and turned into a convenience store on the same property that Throx Market Station sits today. One year after operation a new modern convenience store was built, Quick Stop which served beer, sodas, gas, and snacks. As time went on, Throx began a sausage biscuit program utilizing their father’s butcher shop in Leesburg, VA. From there the fried chicken arose, then a sandwich program, and finally the old Quick Stop was rebuilt into an out of the box store which you know today as Throx, where one of their main focuses was placed on fresh food. Utilizing favorite family recipes and new ones created, thus Throx Market Station was born.

Why do you think you’re the ‘best kept secret’?

“For so long the traditional offerings found in a convenience store have been pre-packaged instead of fresh made offerings. Then came the revolution of the franchises inside of the convenience stores and now the most progressive owners like Throx have crossed over to be a restaurant offering the convenience of fuel for sale. We no longer think of ourselves as a convenience store or even a quick serve establishment but as a restaurant because of the quality and care that we take with our food offerings.”

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