Foodie News in Blue Ridge

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For people passionate about the food they consume and wanting knowledge of how it was grown and raised, Foodie News will let you sort by the category of your interest.  We will bring you the latest news from our leading food authorities including ingredient nutritional information as well as the history behind a food product. Foodie News will have interviews from our farmers and chefs on their latest foodie passions.

Today’s Blue Ridge Mountain region is a mixture of many international cultures that have blended their food culture with the English, Irish, and German of our founding fathers. The result is the birth of an exciting food destination.

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Craft Beverages

Beverage masters have traveled from all over to finally settle down here in the Blue Ridge, proving our location to be a top destination for craft beer drinkers, cider devotees, wine lovers, and of course, coffee and tea!
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Top Chefs

One thing is certain when you dine in the Valley – you’re in good hands. Our restaurants’ top executive chefs know their way around a kitchen and are always ready to cook up something delicious.
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