Locally Sourced Food

Meet the People who Grow our Locally Sourced Food in the Blue Ridge

There’s nothing better than eating a delicious meal and knowing where it’s ingredients came from. By establishing relationships with our local farms and suppliers, we commit to supporting locally sourced businesses. Plus, we enrich our bodies, minds, and community. We challenge you to not just taste what you’re eating, but to learn about healthy living as you chew!

CSA Programs and the ‘pick your own’ movement is all about using the freshest, locally grown ingredients right here in your backyard. The best part about this is the food experience it provides, Get to know the farms and their owners, and enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains all in one trip!
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Here in the Blue Ridge, small local farms are dedicated to growing the highest quality food products that supports the passions of our locals and chefs. Not all farms are open to the public as a U-pick business. You can meet the farmer in person at our farmer markets.
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Our farmers feature their personal best at Farmers Markets throughout our area, providing you with easy and local options of fresh ingredients to choose from.
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Our community food markets are the newest happening in the Blue Ridge. From meats, cheeses, marinades and sauces to craft beers, wines, and spirits. Order on line or walk in and browse thru the aisles, your kitchen will thank you for it.
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