Throx Market Station

Throx Market Station

1016 Millwood Pike, Winchester, VA 22602

Throx Market On-line Catering

For the convenience of their patrons, Throx Market offers an easy on-line catering service that can be picked up at their Throx Country Store. Great for taking the pressure off of throwing a party or handling a holiday dinner, check out these favorite Throx family recipes as well as seasonal items like oysters.

A favorite is their homemade Chicken Pot Pie. But call first, they go fast since they are made fresh in limited quantities. Granny’s Sauerkraut and Tomato Casserole is a southern favorite. Great with their Pork BBQ.

All three stores offer a large selection of craft beer by the bottle as well as by the growler. Try their ‘Sip n Shop’. Enjoy a favorite or experiment trying a new beer while you add to your catering order and browse their selection of other local sourced products.

Interviewing Pam Throckmorton, Owner of Throx Market

What do you like best about Throx Market Station?
The food. Even though it looks like a convenience store at first glance, Throx offers restaurant food made from scratch, craft beer selection, healthy food and smoothies for all ages. We just happen to sell gas.

Which of your smoothies is the best in your opinion?
Probably the chocolate peanut butter protein because it’s all natural. It has high quality natural sources protein, real chocolate and real peanut butter. It’s perfect to drink after a workout or just through the workday to keep you going.

What do you love most about craft beer?
I consider the craft beer my passion. Throx’s craft beer has something for everybody. I make it a hobby to try new things and since we always have new crafts and beers coming in, I always make it priority to try them and learn what they’re made of so I can recommend them to customers.

How do you choose your beer to add to your selection?
A lot of it is recommendations from customers because we get a lot of customers looking for certain things, or our distributors and breweries that have concocted a new craft, we usually try to get them on tap as well; especially if its local. We also take into consideration what’s trending online or reviews of the new beers coming out and we get those in our selection.

Do you know how many types of beers you have?
Probably between our 3 locations, Throx has 600+. It’s a huge selection because we don’t carry all of the same crafts at each store.

What is your passion for food?
Take something very simple,like a sandwich, upgrading it and getting the most out of it. Throx loves to wow people with simple recipes. For example, we took the the recipe of the crab cake sandwich and made it from scratch. We also made the sauce and we practiced until we perfected the process so that each sandwich tastes exactly the same or better than the last one.

What’s your favorite meal that you have at the Throx Market?
Roast beef sandwich with sharp cheddar, horseradish. You can get roast beef sandwiches anywhere but Throx has enhanced  the all natural ingredients that just makes this sandwich so delicious.

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