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Audley Farm

752 Audley Ln, Berryville, VA 22611
Audley Farm Stand Open Wed 4-7 PM
Sat 9 AM – 12 PM

Front gates of Audley Farm driveway

An Interview with Turner Kobayashi – General Manager of Audley FarmGeneral Manager Tuner Kobayashi of Audley Farm

If you’ve ever had the fortunate chance of meeting Turner, then you know how much passion he has for Audley Farm. His happy attitude is contagious. His support for locally sourced and small batch businesses is very apparent, and he and the crew at Audley Farm truly care for the community. Together alongside his wife, Mary Kay Kobayashi, and a truly incredible team, they run Audley Farm and make it the successful beef supplier it is today. 




Audley Farm Racehorse with JockeyHistoric Audley Farm was founded in 1749 through George Washington’s family. Warner Washington, George’s cousin, was the first owner of the farm. The main manor, Audley House, has been around since 1795.

“We’re primarily a two-species farm: world-class thoroughbred horses bred for racing… it’s been around since the 1920s. That’s one of the big historical things about Audley Farm. In 1920, the Jones Brothers bought Audley Farm, turned it into a horse farm, and it became a big operation.” Audley Farm has bred and raised amazing racehorses, many of which have won Preakness and Kentucky Derby status fame.

“More recently we’ve also gone into the purebred Angus cattle business.”  

If you were to visit Audley Farm today, of which the team there is very open to guests doing, you’d be greeted by a gorgeous 360 degree view of 3,000 acres of pastures, mountains, and a sweet old farm dog. It is a breath of fresh air and an experience that can’t be bought in a grocery store.   

The ProductAudley Farm Angus cows grazing in field

“We’re primarily seed stock producer, meaning that we sell our bulls and our preferred females for other producers. Our primary focus is high genetic breeding. We have about 400 momma cows who produce 400 babies a year. We typically sell our bulls in Texas and in Idaho, but we also have a local beef program. We want you to know your source. We want people to see where they’re raised, how they’re raised, that they’re free range, and how transparent we are. We want people to know that they’re getting an all natural beef product. We don’t add hormones; no steroids, no antibiotics. It’s a good program.”

Outside of their year-round hours on Wednesday’s from 4-7pm, and Saturday’s from 9am-12pm (April through November), you can find their beef scattered throughout the region.

Audley Farm Beef Retailers:

Clarke County Farmers Market – Berryville, VA

Purcellville Farmers Market – Purcellville, VA

Mount Airy Farm Market – Boyce, VA

Great Country Farms – Bluemont, VA

The Butcher Station – Winchester, VA

George’s Food and Spirits – Winchester, VA

Pine Grove Restaurant – Bluemont, VA

Boyd’s Nest – Berryville, VA

Locke Store – Millwood, VA

“We’re excited to work with local businesses. It’s what we want to do. We have a really strong customer base; a really loyal customer base that we really appreciate.”

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