Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm

Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm

1608 Russell Road, Berryville, VA 22611
Open for Tours – by appointment beginning in 2018

Shady Knoll Golden Mushrooms | Taste of Blue Ridge

PET POLICY  At this time we do not allow pets on the farm

An interview with Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm owner, Kim Herbstritt – Owner of Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm, LLC


Owner of Shady Farm Mushroom Farm | Taste of Blue Ridge Tell me a little about yourself and your farm. What is your passion for farming?
I am passionate about connecting with the earth in a way that provides quality, healthy foods for individuals and families. Before getting into farming I spent many years working in the nonprofit sector. I have seen the impacts food, or the lack there of, can have on children and adults. Food is opportunity. It makes all the difference for a child to be successful in school or an adult to have enough energy to work a 12-hour shift.  Here at Shady Knoll Mushroom, I am committed to making a difference in the health and well being of communities through farming.”


Shady Knoll Mushroom Growing on a log | Taste of Blue Ridge What types of crops do you grow at the farm?
“We grow several different varieties of edible mushrooms depending on the time of year. “

What are some of the activities that your farm has to offer?
“Beginning in 2018 we will begin offering tours and workshops at the farm.”

How do you deal with your weeds and insects?
“Some of the big challenges in growing mushrooms are contamination and insects. Working to ensure a clean and controlled environment will reduce or eliminate both of these issues.”

Shady Knoll Pink Mushrooms | Taste of Blue Ridge Is there any other advice you could give to someone who is inspiring to be a farmer?
“Find a farmer that would be willing to be a mentor.  Reach out to several farmers and ask them questions about farming. Do as much work upfront to be as informed as possible. “

My favorite gardening tool is:
“It’s a bit different cultivating mushrooms. My favorite tool is a HEPA Filter.”

My favorite crop to grow is:

“When I’m farming I always bring my handy dandy reusable glass bottle of water, which I fill up several times during the day.”

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