Chef Laura Fonner

Owner / Executive Chef at Siren Restaurant

Charlottesville, VA

Chef Laura Fonner

Meet Chef Laura Fonner

Laura Fonner is executive chef and owner of Siren restaurant. The mother of 3 has spent her whole life in Charlottesville and has been a huge part of the Local Culinary Community. From inspiring young female chefs by her numerous appearances on Food network’s, Guy’s Grocery Games to organizing and creating a program to feed the local homeless shelters, she has dedicated her entire career to bettering the community.

Fonner started in kitchens at the age of 14 and quickly climbed her way up the ladder as a self taught female chef with a mission. For 17 years she worked at Duner’s Restaurant, a local staple. From there she ran a popular food truck and then found her home at Siren.

Her mission in this world is to have people experience her passion for this industry through her food. Chefs are artists and their food is their canvas. The world lost a big piece of light during the pandemic that was shining on the restaurant industry and Fonner is trying to bring that light back. By working with sustainable products and local farmers, it helps show the community the personal relationship people have because of food. It’s brings us all back together.