Chef Rachael Wood

Chef Rachael – Owner / Personal Chef at Indulgence by Rachael

Chef Rachael Wood

Foodie Bites

Guilty Pleasure Snack: Cheez-Its

Favorite meal: As cliche as it sounds, tacos are seriously my favorite. I love spicy food, and complex, layered flavors.

Most Essential Element / Equipment in the Kitchen: A chefs knife!!!!! Also, a food processor. Even if it’s a mini food processor. I take mine everywhere!

One Condiment/Herb/Spice you can’t live without: I am Italian, so that would be garlic.

Meet Chef Rachael Wood

Rachael is a local to the area growing up in Sterling, Virginia. She discovered a passion for cooking at a young age and credits genetics for her love and passion of food. “My family is of Italian decent. My great grandma and her parents missed the Titanic by a few weeks, and came over on the Americana. Their names are engraved on the wall at Ellis Island.”

Pursuing a passion

Rachael chased her dreams by attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Here she honed her skills and gained valuable knowledge about food, flavors, and presentation. After graduation in 2009, she dove head first into the local food scene by starting her own business. Ever since she has been cooking up a storm!

Her menus focus on both international and American regional cuisine. “I believe that food should not only taste great but also look beautiful. To me, the plate is my canvas, and food is my paint.” By blending traditional cooking methods with a modern twist, Rachael creates a unique and memorable dining experience for all her customers.

Supporting the Local Food Movement

“I love this movement, and I am glad it is being recognized more that we should eat and support local. I strive to use only the freshest ingredients, and I’m always experimenting with new flavors and techniques to create unforgettable dishes. For me, cooking isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. I love nothing more than spending time in the kitchen, crafting something delicious and beautiful to share with family, friends, and customers alike.”

So if you’re looking for a truly memorable dining experience, look no further than Rachael Wood – the chef who turns food into art!

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Scallops from Indulgence by Rachael

Chef Rachael Wood

Dessert from Indulgence by Rachael