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  • Fellow Fungi Farm – Gourmet and Functional Mushrooms
  • Sacred Hearts Goods – Farm Store and Sourdough Bakery
  • CSA Program
  • Passionate Commitment to Organic, Sustainable Practices


An interview with Dana and Cian Olsen – Owners of Fellow Fungi Farm and Sacred Hearts Goods

Dana and Cian Olsen

How did we get here?

Dana’s family has deep roots in Virginia’s history. Originally employed by Lord Fairfax, later generations included Major John Ward in the Revolutionary Army who received a land grant. Dana’s grandmother owned The Gallerie (antiques) on Market St. in Leesburg and her grandfather was a Master of the Loudoun Hunt while also being an avid thoroughbred racer and breeder. Husband Craig came from the Black Hills of SD and their kids grew up in Charleston and Los Angeles before moving home and attending Woodgrove High School.


Mushrooms from Fellow Fungi FarmStudying Mycology – Fellow Fungi Farm

While a Junior, Cian broke 6 lower vertebrae (flipping an ATV) and spent 8 months flat on his back in a brace. While he was recovering, he combed the pages of Cornell EDU and the University of YouTube studying mycology. 5 years later, he has 1200 sq ft of indoor tent production. He is in his 3rd year of CSA partnership with Gathering Springs Farm in Middleburg, and sells at farmers markets including Saturdays in Berryville at the Clarke County Farmers Market.

Sourdough Bread from Sacred Hearts GoodsThe birth of Sacred Hearts Goods

During Cian’s recovery, Dana was also diagnosed as gluten intolerant with auto-immune disorder. Because of this she had to give up eating bread. Not only was the family in crisis, but this made her give up one of her joys after many years of catering and baking in France and Los Angeles. This news didn’t sit well and led Dana to the awareness of the chemicals and toxins in our food supply and agricultural practices. She switched back to sourdough baking, avidly read labels and wound up going to Germany to buy yeast that was free of sorbitol monostearate. With the 12 kilo minimum order requirement, the bakery was launched. the new mission was a commitment to organic feed, seed and soil is absolute.

Looking ahead to the future

The family has farmed on 3 acres the past 4 years in Waterford, until this April when they moved operations to Berryville. In the process they moved their animals to Unison. The typical day involves a lot of hustling back and forth between counties and burning the midnight oil. The family is looking to open their new farm store in the middle of September on Church Street in Berryville. Besides mushrooms and sourdough bread, their Beetroot Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Pesto and Fire Hummus get frequent honorable mentions.