Morgan Hurt

Owner at the Kitchenette Sandwich Shop

Charlottesville, VA

Morgan Hurt

Meet Chef Morgan Hurt

Morgan Hurt is the owner of Kitchenette Sandwich Shop in Charlottesville, Va.
She has worked in food service for over 24 years, doing everything from washing dishes to waiting tables, but has always gotten the most enjoyment working the line and creating dishes. In 2013 she helped found Kitchen Catering and Events, a full-service catering company and events hall, where she cooked, planned, and served weddings, graduations, corporate events, etc., and in 2017 Kitchenette Sandwich Shop was developed as an off-shoot of the catering company. Morgan has always enjoyed developing new dishes, pairing new flavors and generally playing with food.


About Kitchenette Sandwich Shop

Sandwiches have always had a special place in Morgan’s heart, and, not being able to find THE sandwich she craved, in 2017 Kitchenette Sandwich Shop was opened at the Kitchen Catering and Events event space, where it was run as a bit of an add-on to the already-established catering business. 
With the Covid-19 pandemic, and the loss of all catering events, the focus of Kitchen Catering turned to Kitchenette Sandwich Shop, where lunch was still able to be served curb-side, and a sort of partnership was formed with a few local teachers to provide families in need with dinners we cooked, generously donated through a pay-it-forward system by our wonderful customers.

A few months into the pandemic Kitchen Catering/ Kitchenette moved to a new location well-suited to a neighborhood sandwich shop, and the full-service catering was given-up altogether.  

Since July of 2020, Kitchenette has served lunch to our wonderful neighbors during the work week. Having learned many cooking techniques in restaurant kitchens, and employing them at Kitchenette, we like to think of our sandwiches as little restaurant dishes piled on bread. We roast our roast beef, pork and chicken in-house, develop interesting sauces, and continually push to create interesting and fun sandwiches to keep lunch interesting.