Our Community of Great Chefs in Virginia and West Virginia

Enjoy food prepared by our Chefs of the Blue Ridge

When you go out to eat in the Blue Ridge Mountains and valleys, you can rest assured that masterful hands are skillfully preparing what goes onto your dining plate. Classically trained with more than a pinch of character mixed with a fork or spoonful of each chef’s special creation. This will wow you every time. Experience fine dining and get to know the story behind the hands of who crafted what’s for dinner.

Root to Table Excellence logoRoot to Table Highlights Culinary Excellence

The Root to Table Brand of Excellence identifies restaurants’ that serve excellent cuisine, support their locally sourced farmers, and are committed to building a robust and sustainable community. Plus, an invitation to participate in an event series that helps you network with a food movement committed to excellence!

Nothing is more disappointing with the price of enjoying a meal at a restaurant than to be served mediocre food. But when you are not a locale, how do you find a great food experience driven not by price but by the brand of excellence!”- Nancy Craun, Founder of the Root to Table Movement.

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Brand of Excellence Root to Table Chefs

Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin

Erik Foxx-Nettnin
The Polished Foxx
Winchester, VA

Chef Mary Ellen Diaz

Mary Ellen Diaz
Alma Bea
Shepherdstown, WV

Chef Vincent Badiee

Vincent Badiee
Restaurant at Patowmack Farm
Lovettsville, VA

Chef Pete Smith of Market Salamander

Roderick Smith
Market Salamander
Middleburg, VA

Chef Marcus Repp

Marcus Repp
Noble House Hotels & Resorts

Top Root to Table Chefs

Cheff Jeff Ault holding a prepared dish at the Bavarian Inn

Jeff Ault
Bavarian Inn Resort
Shepherdstown, WV

Chef Mike Ritenour of Massanutten Resort

Mike Ritenour
Massanutten Resort
Massanutten, VA

Chef Will finishing a scallop dish

William McNeill
The George Washington Hotel
Winchester, VA

Chef Reid Badger

Reid Badger
Between the Hills Events
Lovettsville, VA

Chef John Leonard of Hunters Head Tavern

John Leonard
Hunter’s Head Tavern
Upperville, VA

Chef Miriam Conroy

Miriam Conroy
Blue Ridge CTC
Martinsburg, WV

Taste of Blue Ridge Rising Stars

Pastry Chef Mykel Winterstine

Mykel Winterstine
Restaurant at Patowmack Farm
Lovettsville, VA

Chef Timothy Rampey of Hillbrook Inn

Timothy Rampey
Hillbrook Inn
Charles Town, WV

Chef Jason Renn from Lilah Restaurant

Jason Renn
Lilah Restaurant
Shepherdstown, WV

Chef David Propst

David Propst
Martinsburg, WV

Past Participating Root to Table Chefs

Chef Matt Welsh

Matt Welsch
Vagabond Kitchen

Chef Rich Rosendale

Rich Rosendale
Rosendale Collective

Chef Torrece Gregoire

Torrece Gregoire
Private Chef

Chef Damian Heath

Damian Heath
Lot 12 Public House

Chef Jason Reaves working dough

Jason Reaves
Salamander Resort & Spa

Chef Jamie Imlah

Jamie Imlah
Off the Line Cooking

Chef Tim Rowley

Tim Rowley
The Wine Kitchen

Chef Kashif Browne

Kashif Browne
Ridgewell Catering

Chef Steve Ferrell infront of his food station at 2019 VIP Event

Steve Ferrell
Firebox 55

Chef Jose Marty

Jose Marty
Loco Kitchen

Chef Thomas Harvey

Thomas Harvey

Chef Santosh Tiptur of The Conche

Santosh Tiptur
The Conche

Chef Jason von Moll of Paladin Bar & Grill

Jason Von Moll
Front Porch Market & Grill

Chef Marvin Swaner

Marvin Swaner
Aikens Group

Chef John Loeffler headshot

John Loeffler
The Inn at Gristmill Square

Chef Jeremy Thrasher in a bee keepers suit

Jeremy Thrasher
Ahso Restaurant

Chef Patrick - Georege Washington Hotel

Patrick Evans
Dine One-One

Chef Justin Cherry taking bread out of his earthen oven

Justin Cherry
Half Crown Bakehouse

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