Chef Ryan Becklund

Executive Chef at Botanical Fare

Charlottesville, VA

Chef Ryan Becklund

Meet Chef Ryan Becklund

Ryan started in food service part-time, while getting her Master’s Degree. She quickly grew attached to the challenging, fast paced restaurant world and it grew into a career. She has lived in Virginia for the majority of her life and has a love for the natural beauty that can be found here. Her passion for plant-based food and encouraging an environmentally conscious lifestyle drive all aspects of her life. She has trained in a variety of plant-based nutrition and culinary programs that have led to a thoughtfully designed menu with bold flavor and creative food.

Her mission: to demonstrate the satisfaction of a vegetable centric plate.

If she wasn’t in the food service industry, Ryan would likely be working with animals.

About Botanical Fare

At Botanical, we believe that the future of food is plant-based. Everything on our menu is carefully crafted to be 100% plant-based (vegan) and therefore, sustainable. One thing we can all agree on is that everyone should include as many fruits and vegetables in their diet as possible.