Chef Cheryl Strasser

Cheryl Strasser and Bre Grant – Owners of Cowbell Kitchen

Cheryl Strasser and Bre Grant of Cowbell Kitchen

Foodie Bites

Guilty Pleasure Snack: We both have a scoop of Dolcezza gelato or sorbetto on our way out after we finish a hard day at work. Our current obsession is Peach SoCo sorbetto.

Favorite meal: We both love Italian food and each other’s company. Gloria in London is an all time favorite meal we’ve shared.

Most Essential Element / Equipment in the Kitchen:
Cheryl – Paring knife
Bre – Our vintage La Marzocco 

One Condiment/Herb/Spice you can’t live without:
Cheryl – Aged Balsamic vinegar and chili flakes
Bre – Dukes Mayonnaise and garlic

Meet Cheryl Strasser and Bre Grant

Cheryl: Strong women throughout my life have influenced my taste buds… childhood neighbor Grandmother figure, we make her sugar cookies every Christmas here at Cowbell, my High School Home Economics teacher, The French Chef TV show in the 1970. Have to mention living in Philadelphia during the 80’s, experiencing the offbeat, funky, amazing food scene.
Bre: I was born hungry!

Any interesting story or industry knowledge, restaurants worked, or ventures taken:

We are living this wild Cowbell Kitchen roller coaster ride. If you know a good publisher, we could write a book.

Facing Challenges Together, Head On

Our favorite thing about Cowbell is taking on new challenges with creative problem solving. We face challenges together and balance each other out with our yin & yang personalities.

Keeping it local

We have been committed to this movement since Cowbell started. Sourcing from the 10 Farmers Markets, Tudor Hall Farm WV bacon, Spring House Farms VA Chicken, South Mountain Creamery MD dairy, Franklin Sustainable Farms PA veggies, cheese maple syrup, Lyon Bakery DC bread, Dolcezza DC gelato, Far Bungalow Farms VA flowers and JustAJ Veenies vegan sausages. 

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Sloppy Joe from Cowbell Kitchen

Dessert from Cowbell Kitchen

Farm Bowl from Cowbell Kitchen