Chef Marcus Repp

Corporate Director of Food & Beverage at Noble House Hotels & Resorts

“There is an emotional connection to food. The public is used to a supermarket with pre-packaged foods. They have no idea where the food they are consuming came from or how it was raised or picked. Today this is changing. People are asking questions about food sources. There is a ‘high’ from connecting with food; sharing and having nourishing conversations about food.“

Chef Marcus Repp

Born in Friedberg, Germany, Chef Repp learned to cook from his grandmother who taught him the art of cooking to taste and allowing both regional cultural influences impact the final product.

Foodie Bites – Chef Marcus Repp

My guilty pleasure snack is: I love Haribo! For sure my biggest weakness.

My favorite meal at home: I love Italian food. Fresh pasta with a 2-day cooked tomato sauce and fresh grated parmesan.

My most essential item in the kitchen is: I can’t be without my Big Block wooden chopping board. I’ve had it for 10 years and it’s getting better every year. I oil it every couple of months and it still looks like new! 

The one condiment I can’t live without is: Some good oil. I probably have about 10 different oils at home that I use for dressings and sauces.

Meet Chef Marcus Repp

Executive Chef Repp went on to graduate from Küchenmeisterschule Rothenburg ob der Tauber as a Certified MasterChef before cooking and eating his way through Europe and Russia, as well as the Caribbean, Grand Cayman, and St. Maarten Islands. Among Chef Repp’s passion for cuisine, he is also a world traveler and music connoisseur. No matter his location or role, chef is inspired by the many cooking philosophies of each destination he visits and incorporates these into his own techniques and lifestyle.

When Chef Repp isn’t indulging in multicultural cuisine, he works as a certified Cross Fit coach and spends his weekends on his BMW motorcycle. Chef also makes it a priority to engage and give back to the local community and does so by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and helping underprivileged youths. His involvement in his society spans from providing delicious meals, volunteering, and coaching.

Chef Repp’s refined culinary journey gave him experiences from notable companies such as Westin, Marriott, and Hilton where he has served many roles from Executive Chef to Director of Culinary Operations. Chef Repp was previously the Regional Director of Food and Beverage for Columbia Sussex Hotel Group, where he oversaw the Food and Beverage operations for 41 hotels. Most recently he was the Interim Executive Chef for The Marker San Francisco, then managed by Destination Hotels.

German Roots

Who influenced your love for food?

“My Grandmother Hilde, she was a chef and a larger-than-life personality with a great sense of humor and an awesome smile.”

What is your background like as a chef? 

“I have been cooking for over 30 years and still love it. I learned my craft in Germany but I am still exploring new things every day.”

What is the effect of your German Heritage on your cooking style? 

“It’s the base of my being, I still draw from experiences that I had while working in Germany. I think my work ethic, love for design and fresh regional and homegrown food that’s seasonal still stems from my childhood.”

What are you most excited about with Taste of Blue Ridge and your Root to Table dinners?

“We are doing something so important for the region and the people that live here. Driving quality and connecting with the farmers and Artisans is such a wonderful experience that connects us to the land and the people. We are all so excited to be part of this revolutionary movement!”

Marcus Repp talking to Root to Table guests

Chef Marcus Grilling Lamb at Grilling and Chilling

Chef Marcus Repp speaking with other chefs at a Root to Table dinner