Chef Rachel Pennington

Executive Chef at The Pie Chest

Charlottesville, VA

Chef Rachel Pennington

Meet Chef Rachel Pennington

Rachel Pennington owns and operates The Pie Chest in Charlottesville, VA, which opened on March 14, 2015 at 9:26am (3.1415926). The shop quickly became about more than just pie – it evolved into a very real safe space and sanctuary for the city of Charlottesville, harboring hundreds of souls seeking respite, given through kindness, delicious food, and comfort.

Rachel is a writer who focuses on food, memory, Ecclesiastes, and adoption. She is currently attending Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is pursuing a Doctorate in Creative Writing and Public Theology. Her manuscript-in-progress is a cookbook/memoir hybrid. She is heavily inspired by her three grandmothers – adoptive, “pretend,” and birth.


About The Pie Chest

When the opportunity came to open this shop, the motivation came from the success of the desserts at The Whiskey Jar – rustic cobblers, southern pies, quaint and humble offerings made with care. Nothing looks perfect, but we hope tastes pretty darn close. Things are made in small batches continually to ensure freshness. We basically bake and make what we love to eat and hope that others will want and love the same.

The Pie Chest strives to be a place where simple, delicious, humble food is served and received with the warmth in which it is made.