Chef Reid Badger

Private Chef at Between the Hills Events

Chef Reid seeks to incorporate the local products of Loudoun County and other Virginia farms into his menus

Chef Reid Badger

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Meet Chef Reid Badger

Chef Badger founded Between the Hills Events, a small boutique catering and private chef business after more than 20 years in the private club industry. He specializes in custom menus of any size with a focus on Loudoun County and Virginia farm products. Most recently he held the position of Executive Chef at Creighton Farms Golf Club, owned and operated by Southworth Development. During his nearly 10 years at the club he honed his skills in all aspects of scratch cooking. From house made pepperoni and bacon to brioche and baguette. Chef Badger brought hand made craft foods to the membership and their guests. While at Southworth, Chef Badger had opportunities to work at other prestigious club properties and international destinations such as the Bahamas and Scotland.

Previously as the Executive Chef of the City Club of Washington he was three time host of the Celebrity Chef Tour, benefiting the James Beard Foundation. Chef Badger graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York in 1997. He has a great respect for traditional cooking techniques and the cultural stories that they tell. He lives in Hillsboro, Virginia with his wife Alison and daughter Jessie