What is the Root to Table Movement in the Blue Ridge?

Experience Root to Table –

All too often when traveling, you may find that you feel that you’re not getting the most authentic experience possible. You’re brushed to a certain direction or locale that is tourist-friendly, safety approved. But what about adventure? Natives of any region don’t go to commercially focused dining spots. And you won’t find them frequenting things that are built to draw in the masses. They go to that hole-the-wall pizzeria that actually uses fresher ingredients than their mainstream competitors. They go to the back-alley pub that secretly has the best ale in town.

Locals know that the best dining spots and experiences are tucked away, awaiting discovery and habitual returns thereafter. With Root to Table, we believe that these are the experiences that should drive travel, not itineraries mapped out for you from big-name travel agencies.

Root to Table will give you subtle hints at what dining in the Blue Ridge is all about. We’ll then let you take the reigns from there.

Experience the Freshest Ingredients

The Shenandoah Valley has cultivated chefs from every background and every region. You may ask yourself, ‘Why would they settle here? Why not a more established foodie destination?’ The answer is simple: the ingredients draw them here. It can be said that a chef is as good as his surroundings are, and a chef in the Blue Ridge is surrounded by local and fresh ingredient gold mines.

Where is the Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and West Virginia are unique because of their relation to the Atlantic, geographically. This means that you can expect more than locally sourced, grass fed turf, but fresh surf as well. Our local farms and suppliers don’t just specialize in animals, but produce as well. Located between two mountain ranges on the Interstate 81 Corridor is the Shenandoah Valley.  The valley is known not only for its wineries, but for its fresh and convenient farmer’s markets and u-pick farms. You can taste the difference when dining here, and we encourage you to do so!

Meet the Top Chefs Who Use Them

The best part about our chefs here in the Blue Ridge is that they enjoy each other’s company. While each has their own unique style of cooking, they realize that to become a true master of cuisine, you have to work together. This means collaborating with other chefs at events, establishing relationships with the Valley’s local farms and suppliers, and befriending the community. Take a look at some of these quotes from the Shenandoah Valley’s favorite chefs to learn what they’re about.

“Several months ago, I received an invitation from Ming Chan to come to Chinatown Winchester on a Thursday night to experience a local scene centered on Sushi. Having traveled the world including Asian countries for the past ten years, I did not expect to find an excellent sushi experience right here in the Shenandoah Valley…”

And Become a Local – if Only for a Day

All of these above-mentioned factors combine to give you Taste of Blue Ridge’s official Root to Table dining events. Together with the Valley’s freshest ingredients and top chefs to cook them, we are able to bring you delicious meals. You can meet-and-greet with the best chefs, learn insider tips, and experience community gatherings at premier and locally renowned locations.

We realize that when you come to the Shenandoah Valley, you come for authenticity that you just won’t find anywhere else. Become a local for the day and forget the over-planned itinerary. Grab a ticket, grab a seat, and prepare to be amazed by the delicious flavors and personalities of the Blue Ridge at our next Root to Table event.

“As we drove down the winding, heavily forested driveway to the Hillbrook Inn and Spa, we got the feeling that this Friday night’s cocktails would be an event to remember. And indeed, it was. Being pronged between chefs and guests turned out to be a comfortable mixture, and there was no lack of unique people with interesting stories to tell…”

Here at Taste of Blue Ridge, we seek to combine local ingredients, local restaurants, locally renowned chefs, and you for the ultimate food experience. Go beyond the plate and learn the stories behind the hands who crafted what’s for dinner, and the people who enjoyed it. Dig in and explore everything the Blue Ridge has to offer at our next Root to Table dining experience.