The Polished Foxx: 2023 Review

If you’re looking for an incredible culinary experience for your next major event in Loudoun County, look no further than The Polished Foxx. Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin and his team prepare a wide array of culinary options to ensure a great taste with a local emphasis.

The Food – Local Ingredients Flourish

Chef Erik places a heavy emphasis on local ingredients. As a chef, he sees the value in connecting with local farmers and going to where the ingredients are sourced to get a better understanding of his product.

This is all evident when tasting the delicious food made by him and his team. The Root to Table movement has never been stronger, and The Polished Foxx is an excellent conduit for trying some of the great ingredients and food that the Blue Ridge region has to offer.

The Service – Curated Menus & Attentive Care

While the menu of The Polished Foxx is robust (you’ve got to try the Sherried Butternut Ravioli!), their flexibility and willingness to make adjustments based on your needs are what really makes them shine. The Polished Foxx spares no expense to ensure that your event features the dishes that you want.

Chef Erik’s extensive experience in hospitality is apparent in his attentiveness throughout the process. The team at The Polished Foxx communicates extraordinarily well and places an emphasis on customer service.

Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin of The Polished Foxx cutting beef

The Polished Foxx Charcuterie Board

Chef Erik talking to a Root to Table guest

The Event – Smooth & Enjoyable for All

The most important part of all: the event itself! I can’t say enough about how phenomenal The Polished Foxx’s service is for catered events. It really takes a weight off your shoulders knowing that food and beverage is being taken care of by a team that cares.

The Polished Foxx staff is friendly and personable, making themselves right at home in any event environment. They are attentive when serving and make each individual guest or participant feel well taken care of.


The Polished Foxx is not just a culinary venture; it’s a testament to Chef Erik’s lifelong dedication to the culinary arts, local sourcing, and community building. Chef Erik has crafted a unique culinary vision that balances innovation with tradition, profitability with sustainability, and community engagement with culinary excellence. The Polished Foxx is a shining example of the power of local sourcing and community support, and it stands as a beacon of hope in the challenging landscape of the catering industry.

Check out The Polished Foxx and keep them in mind for your next major event!

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