Fox Urban Farms

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  • Vertical Hydroponic Farm
  • Mission – increase local fresh food options in an urban setting and mitigate increasing food supply chain and quality issues.
  • All products grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides

10001 S. Loudoun St.
Winchester, VA 22601

Meet Ann and John Fox – Owners of Fox Urban Farms

Ann and John Fox have been Winchester residents since 2004. They moved to Winchester from Alexandria, VA. They met in college at East Carolina University in 1994. They have raised their family here and feel that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute toward the community that they live in. From 2004 to 2020, the Foxes owned and operated Greenwood Grocery & Deli in Winchester. After selling the business, they wanted something that would allow for a better work/life balance while also benefiting their fellow citizens.

When one door closes, another one opens

They took some time to recharge and decide what they wanted to do next. Ann and John then started exploring urban agriculture and hydroponics. From there, the idea of Fox Urban Farms was born. Most of 2022 was spent in the planning stages of the business and working with local government to find a suitable location that was both zoned appropriately and accessible to all residents. The first seeds were planted on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

“After selling our previous business, we wanted something that would give us a better work/life balance and provide something good for our community.”

Quality Products – Always

We take food safety seriously! Ann and John have both been in foodservice for many years and have had ServSafe Food Safety Certificates since 2004 from owning the deli. They have also attended in-person and online courses throughout the years to keep their certifications updated. Both Ann and John completed the PSA Grower Training Course taught by the Produce Safety Alliance in conjunction with the USDA in 2022. We use the local Winchester municipal water supply and adhere to the strictest of standards for maintaining a clean and healthy growing environment. We are always looking for the most natural and sustainable cleaning products and practices to be used in the farms. We eat these products too. We want healthy choices for our family as well as yours.

Farming in the 21st Century

Controlled Environmental Agriculture is a complementary business to traditional farming. We’re taking underutilized property that is located in an urban setting to grow products using specialized technology.

What are the advantages to the consumer in choosing locally sourced products?

The customers are able to get the freshest products possible while reducing the environmental impact of having products that have been shipped across the country.