Food & Drink in the Blue Ridge

Great Restaurants, Awesome Craft Breweries, and Top Local Chefs

The Blue Ridge, historically known for its caverns, mountains, wildlife, and recreation is now being recognized for additional things: a premier place for budding restaurants and craft breweries! As the area continues to cultivate top chefs from all over, we invite you to check out just what you’ve been missing. From traditional Southern Comfort food to Asian, French, German, and Italian cuisine, there is nothing our chefs can’t cook. Come in, give a request, and prepare to be amazed by flavor.

Restaurants in the Blue Ridge

Experience what you’ve been missing; find that bold flavor that your taste buds have been craving! The Blue Ridge Community offers the ultimate assortment of unique restaurants just waiting to be dined in. Don’t be surprised to meet the owner and the chef behind the amazing food. It is our Blue Ridge lifestyle that is the envy of the big cities.

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Beverages in the Blue Ridge

Beverage masters have traveled from all over to finally settle down here in the Blue Ridge, proving our location to be a top destination for craft beer drinkers, cider devotees, wine lovers, and of course, cocktail enthusiasts! Following the national beverage scene, we also have great coffee and tea shops. While many in number, each owner has a unique style and story to their method of creating their product. We encourage you to discover them all!

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Top Chefs of the Blue Ridge

One thing is certain when you dine with the Blue Ridge Community, you are in good hands. Our restaurants and resorts’ top chefs are committed to using locally sourced food to provide the best and healthiest food for you. Read their interviews and follow their personal paths in the cuisine world. You can visit their restaurant and ask to meet them. Here in the Blue Ridge, our doors are always open to great conversation about food.

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