Root to Table’s Spring Salute to Women in Food & Wine

Spring Event – Sunday, March 26th 2023
Bluemont Station Brewery & Winery – Bluemont, VA

Join us for an Exclusive Culinary Experience Celebrating Women’s History Month!

Participating Farms for the Salute to Women in Food and Wine!

Ayrshire Farm

Ayrshire’s mission today is to bring livestock and crop production to both self-sufficiency and profitability. Additionally, there is a commitment to achieving these goals using Certified Humane®, Certified Organic, sustainable farming methods, and preserving genetically viable herds of the various rare breeds. The soil is being constantly amended with cover crops and compost from the three-acre compost facility. As a part of their training, the Ayrshire Shires help in the constant task of soil improvement, keeping the skills of horse-powered farming alive. All of these practices along with the commitment to sustainable and ethical methods ensure the production of food that consumers can trust.

Highland Cattle at Ayrshire Farm

Ann Fox of Fox Urban Farm

Meet Ann Fox – Owner of Fox Urban Farm

From 2004 to 2020, the Foxes owned and operated Greenwood Grocery & Deli in Winchester. After selling the business, they wanted something that would allow for a better work/life balance while also benefiting their fellow citizens.

They took some time to recharge and decide what they wanted to do next. Ann and John then started exploring urban agriculture and hydroponics. From there, the idea of Fox Urban Farms was born. Most of 2022 was spent in the planning stages of the business and working with local government to find a suitable location that was both zoned appropriately and accessible to all residents. The first seeds were planted on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

Meet Casey Wisch – Owner of Long Stone Farm

Long Stone Farm is a grass-based diversified livestock operation located in Lovettsville, VA at the base of Short Hill Mountain. Long Stone produces non-gmo pastured pork, beef, chicken and chicken and duck eggs on over 200 acres in Loudoun County.  Long Stone Farm is owned and farmed with care by Justin and Casey Wisch, and their children Piper, Boone and Timber. The Wisch family focuses on producing high-quality meat and eggs in managed grazing systems that are beneficial to livestock and surrounding ecosystems. We farm without the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. All of our meat and eggs are antibiotic and hormone-free. 

We farm with a focus on soil, animal, plant and human health. Rotational grazing, multi-species grazing, cover cropping and low/no-tillage planting are a few farming practices we utilize.  We care about our surrounding ecosystems and our farming practices provide habitat and forage for pollinators and wildlife. Farming and conservation can be harmonious when done properly. We aspire to protect more farmland in Loudoun County and hope to purchase additional acreage in the future if possible. Supporting our farm by shopping at our farm store will help us protect this beautiful county!

Casey Wisch of Long Stone Farm

Women holding Flowers from Harmony Harvest Farm

Harmony Harvest Farm

Technically, Harmony Harvest Farm is a 20-acre cut flower farm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia that ships mixed bouquets and bulk flowers nationwide and offers a local agritourism experience. To us however, the farm is so much more than that. It’s a way to build connections between people, strengthen our community, and rediscover the wonder of Mother Nature. Harmony Harvest Farm’s story is woven with the idea that all people can find joy together – and this story is punctuated by flowers. The farm is owned and operated by sisters Jessica Hall and Stephanie Duncan, and their mom, Chris Auville, or as they like to call her, The Lady Monarch. 

A Certified American Grown farm, Harmony Harvest Farm grows nearly 400 varieties across 100 different types of flower including anemone, ranunculus, peonies, hydrangea, dahlias, and heirloom mums. The farm’s calling card crop is the heirloom mums, where their expertise has led to the farm’s position as a national trial farm for new varieties being brought to market by international breeders.

Maple Leaf Farms

Maple Leaf Farms, located in northern Indiana, is North America’s leading duck producer. This family business starts with their breeder farms and hatcheries. Once hatched, the ducklings move to nearby farms with cage-free, free-roaming environments.

Maple Leaf Farms ducks receive no growth hormones or antibiotics for growth promotion. The ducks have free access to fresh water and feed in climate-controlled barns. The barns provide fresh air as well as shelter and protection from predators. Family farmers check on their birds at least twice a day. And all feed comes from Maple Leaf Farms, ensuring quality control.

Enjoy a taste of this locally sourced Duck in Chef Laura’s Duck Sausage Rolls!

Maple Leaf Farms Duck with blueberry sauce

Farmers our Chefs are Using for the Salute to Women in Food and Wine

Anson Mills

Columbia, SC

Caromont Farm

Esmont, VA

Twin Oaks Farm

Charlottesville, VA

Double H Farm

Wingina, VA

Van Dessel Farm

Parksley, VA

Hunrgy Hill Farm

Shipman, VA

Wayside Produce Farm

Dayton, VA

Plan your weekend around this great destination

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Bluemont, VA is less than an hour from Dulles International Airport and Washington DC.

logo of Bluemont Station Brewery & Winery

Bluemont Station Brewery & Winery

18301 Whitehall Estate Lane
Bluemont, VA 20135

Phone 540-544-6262

Top Dishes from 2022 Series

Let these dishes inspire you for what’s to come March 26th!

Fish plated at Hillbrook Inn's 2022 Root to Table event

Erik Foxx-Nettnin
4th Annual Open Air Feast

Chef T's Fried Chicken from Root to Table's

“Chef T” Torrece Gregoire
The Great Chefs Table

Lamb Ragou Pasta from Root to Table's Fall Harvest Dinner

Daniela Williams
Fall Harvest Dinner