Chantal Bannayan

Owner / Content Creator – CookwithChan

Chantal Bannayan

Meet Chantal Bannayan

Chantal, also known as Cookwithchan on Instagram, is an influencer in the local foodie community. She is originally from upstate New York and migrated down to the beautiful Northern Virginia area about eight years ago as a part of her career with Wegmans. Working for Wegmans for almost eighteen years, she learned a lot about the culinary aspects of the food industry. Although she left Wegmans five years ago, she still is a avid foodie.

Chantal’s love for food and being in the kitchen started as a young girl. She is an Armenian American and holds the beautiful dishes of the middle eastern culture close to her heart. Growing up watching her Nene (grandma) and mother cook in the kitchen is what sparked her interest in being a chef and her overall love of the foodie world. She believes you can make something amazing and delicious with just a few simple ingredients. The creativity and endless possibilities is what makes cooking exciting.

In the beginning of April 2020, Chantal started posting pictures, videos, and her cooking on Instagram under the well known handle, Cookwithchan. Through her platform she shares hacks, recipes, local restaurants, local businesses, wellness, and so much more. She is a firm believer that sourcing your food locally is the best way to go. During the height of the pandemic she expanded her reach by successfully starting a private chef company which provided prepped meal for athletes, families and single moms. Now her focus is on building her brand, sharing recipes, and working with locals in her community.