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Burner’s Beef, LLC

  • Dry-Aged, Grain Fed Beef

  • No antibiotic, steroids, or hormones

  • Raised in the Shenandoah Valley

  • Choice and Prime Marbling

712 Mill Creek Crossroads
Luray, VA  22835
(540) 421-1892

Email:  burnersbeef@gmail.com

Website: Facebook and Instagram

Cows in the field at Burner's Beef in Luray, VA

PET POLICY  At this time we do not allow pets on the farm

Farmer Jared Burner and his wife

Farmer Jared and wife Holly

An interview with Jared Burner – Owner of Burner’s Beef, LLC

Most farmers come from farming families. Why did you go into farming?”
“Farming and cattle have been a large part of my life, so it was only natural to pursue those two as a career. I chose to come back home to the farm after college because of the lifestyle. You are not in an office every day. My favorite part is enjoying the beautiful landscape around me.”

What is your favorite part of farming?
“My favorite part about the farm is seeing future potential every day. Whether it is the freshly planted cornfield that has the potential to turn into grain or corn silage or whether the calf I just tagged will become the top herd female in the future.”

A Day in the Life…

What’s a “typical” day for you on the farm?
“A typical day on the farm starts with a group meeting and delegating duties for the day. Each day’s work is different depending on the season. In the wintertime, we work with cows as they calve. As we approach warmer months, we switch more to fieldwork in preparation for crops. During the summer, we do mostly hay and as the fall rolls around, we work to put more feed away. ”

Cornfield at dusk at Burner's Farm in Luray, VAHow does being a 21st Century farmer differ from your dad’s generation?
“I would say the biggest difference between my generation and my dad’s generation is the technologies we have available. In cattle, for instance, we can pull a blood sample from a cow and get a report back on the individual traits that she will pass on to her offspring before she even calves. This allows us to make better decisions, with respect to different traits. For example, marbling is a trait we select for. By having a more accurate picture of the cow’s marbling traits’, we can make more genetic progress faster.”

Advantages of locally sourced products…

What are the advantages to the consumer in choosing locally sourced products?
“For me, buying local beef is more for the community. If you buy beef from me, I am going to turn around and spend it with other businesses in the community. It’s about growing local economies. It takes a lot of businesses to make a farm operate. “

Black cow at Burner's Beef in Luray, VAHow can consumers purchase your beef? What are your most popular cuts?
“The best way currently to purchase our beef is to message us on Facebook and we can set up a time to meet or we can take an order. We do appointments because we are always on the move on the farm. The most popular cut is our Delmonico or ribeye followed by our ground beef.

New Products…

How did you get into beef sticks and beef jerky?
“We got into the sticks and jerky to help keep our inventory in balance. Usually, all our steaks would be gone, and we would have ground beef leftover but the sticks and jerky allow us to keep our inventory constantly turning over.”

How is your new product, beef bologna, doing?
“The beef bologna was a “why not” moment. At the time, we had some extra ground beef and we thought we would just try it. It did not take long for the product to sell out and the next batch should be ready anytime.”

When you’re not on the farm, what do you like to do?
“When I am not working on the farm, I enjoy spending time with my wife and BBQing.”

Burner’s Beef is served at Moonshadows Restaurant, Apple House Restaurant, Gathering Grounds, Mimslyn Inn, and Main Street Bakery & Catering. You’ll also find their products for sale at numerous places throughout the Shenandoah Valley, from Gore’s Fresh Meat & Deli in Stephens City to the Rockingham Co-op in Harrisonburg. Please message Jared and his staff through his farm’s Facebook page to place your order!

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Hayfield with a blue sky at Burner's Beef in Luray, VA

Cows in pasture at Burner's Beef in Luray, VA