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America’s Oldest Cattle Breed Grazing in the Valley since the 18th Century

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Locally sourced and heritage livestock go hand in hand. A heritage breed is one with deep roots in American history. These animals are hardy stock, roaming and grazing freely. They have the ability to forage for food and can thrive in a wide range of climates. Chapel Hill Farm in Berryville specializes in Randall Linebacks, one of America’s oldest cattle breeds.

History of this Heritage Breed

These cattle are part of a heritage breed that goes back to Colonial times in New England. Linebacks were multi-purpose, used for dairy, beef, and oxen, and served as an integral part of rural New England life for several centuries. But in the mid 1800’s, cattle farming became more “industrialized” and many heritage breeds were lost.

The name Randall comes from the Randall family in Vermont, who kept a closed herd of Linebacks for over eighty years. And the “Lineback” comes from the distinctive marking on the breed’s back. The Randall Lineback is on the “critical” list of heritage livestock with The Livestock Conservancy priority list.

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Chapel Hill’s Herd

The Randall Linebacks of Chapel Hill Farm are raised with a 100% pasture diet, ensuring a deep rich flavor without the fat of grain fed beef. Cattle are born and raised in the pasture. Through farm owner Joe Henderson’s effort, Chapel Hill Farm now boasts a herd of 300, representing a phenomenal 70% of the heritage breed.

Get Your Own Delicious Beef

Health conscious foodies who support locally sourced meat will enjoy the fine-grained, ruby-red meat with its bright, rich, clean flavor. Chapel Hill Farm Randall Lineback beef has appeared on the menus of acclaimed chefs. And it’s also available to consumers through mail order, pre-order and pickup through Washington, DC and Northern VA locations, and select local market stores. 

Did you know grass fed beef cooks faster than grain fed? Learn the best ways to cook Randall Lineback beef from Chapel Hill Farm. 

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