Honeysuckle Creek Farm

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    • Family Owned Farm
    • Produce, Microgreens, Herbal Blends
    • All products grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides

    Palmyra, VA 22963


    Meet Erica Cavanaugh – Owner of Honeysuckle Creek Farm

    Erica of Honeysuckle Creek FarmErica’s love and knack for growing plants is a pastime she has inherited from both of her grandfather’s. She has spent the last few years helping her paternal grandfather grow a variety of vegetables on his Fluvanna property both as a way to spend more time with him and as a way to cultivate her love of gardening.

    With continuous bountiful harvests, they were often giving much of the produce away. In the Spring of 2022, Erica decided to open Honeysuckle Creek Farm alongside her grandfather, father, and brother. At times, you can even find other family members contributing to the effort including her mother, young daughter, nephews, and cousins.

    What are the advantages to the consumer in choosing locally sourced products?

    The customers are able to get the freshest products possible while reducing the environmental impact of having products that have been shipped across the country.