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Saturday, November 6th, 2021 
West Oaks Farm Market – Winchester, VA

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1st Annual Chef & Young Friends Food Competition

Cheer on some of the area’s most renowned chefs as they pair up with a young person to compete for a top chef title at Chefetarian! This competition will highlight our chef’s skills and ability to innovate on the fly as they are presented with locally sourced product and a surprise box of ingredients they must craft into a culinary masterpiece! 

Nothing stirs up a healthy appetite like a little competition! Join us and a phenomenal roster of chefs from the finest restaurants in the Northern Virginia area as they slice, chop, and mince their way to the top!  

Featured Chefs – 1st Annual Chef & Friends Food Competition

Chef Kashif Browne

Kashif Browne
Ridgewell Catering

Chef Jan Van Haute of Hillbrook inn

Jan Van Haute
Hillbrook Inn & Spa

Chef Santosh Tiptur of The Conche

Santosh Tiptur
The Conche


Fresh Chef Competition Contestant Rules


  1. All produce and ingredients must be used from farmers’ market basket. and purchased on the day of the competition.
  2. All produce and ingredients are provided by Taste of Blue Ridge members.
  3. We will provide a salt and pepper and a small bottle of olive oil.
  4. Contestants must bring secret ingredient from home. These flavor ingredients may include (but not limited to) spices, oils, vinegars, basic condiments, etc. Spice blends count as 1. Prepared foods/complex condiments are NOT PERMITTED. This would include (but not limited to) chutneys, salsas, pickles, etc. All ingredients must be approved prior to the start of competition. Failure to do so or to comply will result in disqualification.
  5. Taste of Blue Ridge will provide one single burner. Contestants must bring all utensils and cooking equipment they plan to use. There will be very limited access to electricity. Therefore a list of items must be provided in advance to accommodate your needs. Contestants may NOT bring alternative cooking sources (grills, etc.).
  6. You will have use of the West Oaks Kitchen for water and tubs to wash ingredients. Each contestant will have 1 table to prepare their food. We will also have rubber gloves and hand sanitizer. Remember Food Safety!
  7. Contestants will provide their own plates for serving. You will need at least 4 plates for judges.


  1. All contestants will need to arrive at Taste of Blue Ridge and check in with Carissa Zanella no later than 12 noon.
  2. Rule clarification, picking of contestant number* (this will determine your table and order of final dish presentation), flavor ingredient check, basic set up meeting will be from 1:45 to 2:00.
  3. Competition begins precisely at 2:00; the judges will ring the bell to indicate start.
  4. Contestants will have a total of 45 minutes to prep, and cook. How this time is used is up to each individual.
  5. Competition ends at 2:45. Judges will ring the bell to indicate times- up. Any food not on plate(s) will not be allowed.
  6. Please prepare 4 tasting plates…one for each judge, and one for display on your table.
  7. Contestants will each present their dish to the judges in the predetermined order. You may give a brief description of your dish, however no longer than 30 seconds will be permitted.
  8. Judges will rate each dish individually and based on points. The categories and points are: Presentation (5 points); Variety of ingredients (10 points); Taste (10 points), and Overall Experience (5 points).
  9. Judges will tally the score cards. Winner will be announced directly following judging.  
  10. Contestant with the most points will receive 1st place. Contestant with second highest number of points will receive 2nd place, and so on.

11.   All judging is final. This contest is meant to be good faith and in compliance with the nature of Taste of Blue Ridge. The intention is to promote the farmers’, Chefs and the community of friends. As well as the use of fresh produce in cooking, and collaboration with various area businesses


Plan your weekend around this great destination

Taste of Blue Ridge has a line up of award-winning hotel and resort partners here in the Shenandoah Valley. Many partners are offering packages as well as shuttles to the event. Itinerary ideas are listed for each lodging location so you can plan a weekend around this Root to Table Family Food Festival. Winchester, VA is just over an hour from Dulles International Airport and an hour from Washington DC.