Root to Table Fall Harvest Dinner

Join Magnolias celebrating the Evolution of Virginian Cuisine: from the Antebellum Era through today’s Gastronomy.

Date  November 3, 2018 Time  6 pm with dinner at 7 pm Location  Magnolias at the Mill, 198 N. 21st Street, Purcellville, Virginia 20132, Phone  540-338-9800

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The menu will include six courses with the antebellum version and today’s interpretation:

1st The Past – Coal and Collard Roasted Hen Egg, Sweet Pickled Okra, Crispy Pig Ear The Present – Deviled Perfect Duck Egg, Confit, Chive Relish, Bacon Powder 2nd The Past – Chesapeake Blue Catfish, Iron Pot Okra and Bean Stew, Ash Lemon and Spicy Tomato Butter, Crisp Oyster The Present – Blackened Blue Catfish and Crab Terrine, Shrimp Beurre Blanc, Okra Rellenos, Crisp Oyster 3rd The Past – Crispy Chicken and Apple Spatchcock, Larded Johnny Cake, Catch Gravy, Charred Onion The Present – Heirloom Chicken and Preserved Peach Ballotine, Hickory Maple and Sage Jus, Celery & Turnip Hash 4th The Past – Cured and Salted Chopped Quarter, Spicy Mop, Hot Ash Yams, Bone Gravy, Pot Greens The Present – Copa & Speck Tacos, Hot and Sweet Garden Slaw, Virginia Red Corn Tortillas, Refried Virginia Peanuts, Yam Gaufrettes 5th The Past – Sassafras Smoked and Burried Venison, Sugar and Hickory Vinegar Peppers, Hearth charred Squashes The Present – Sticky Pepper Mop Perfect Saddle Au Poivre, Celery and Rutabaga Gratin, Bone Marrows, Charred Grapes, Bordelaise 6th The Past – Apple Tansey Brandy Poached Apple The Present – Local Egg and Cream Custard, Brewers Crumble, Salted Brandy Caramel

About This Event

A six course dinner with the option to pair wine, beers, and spirits with each course.

This is a dinner representing the existing roots of regional foods and methods with the roots of each we are creating today. Each course has a fundamentally sound ode to the beginning of a staple, paired with our interpretation presently.

Chef Erik - Taste of Blue RidgeChef Erik Foxx-Nettnin of Magnolias at the Mill welcomes 6 top chefs here in Virginia and West Virginia to collaborate and share their passions for food.



“This is a very unique event,” said Nancy Craun, Owner and Founder. “As I walk up to each guest table at our Open Feast dinner in August, I was greeted by the word – ‘incredible.’ We can feel your community spirit.”

Join the Taste of Blue Ridge community to celebrate life & food with chefs from leading restaurants in Virginia and West Virginia. We prioritize relationships with local farmers and community partners to collectively bring our patrons the freshest ingredients available. Learn more about our Root to Table Culinary Series and our mission.

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Mangolista Pork Dish by Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin | Taste of Blue Ridge

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Schenck Foods | Taste of Blue Ridge



MEET THE CHEFS of the Root to Table Harvest Dinner

Chef Erik - Taste of Blue RidgeChef Erik Foxx-Nettnin | Executive Head Chef


“[Looking forward to] Cooking shoulder to shoulder with the other chefs and seeing enjoyment on the faces of our guests.”

Learn more about Magnolias at the Mill.


Chef Marcus | Taste of Blue RidgeChef Marcus Repp | Director of Food and Beverage

It’ll be Chef Marcus’ second time collaborating with chefs in our area!

“What I’m most looking forward to is the collaboration with other chefs, being outside – cooking outside, and being a part of Taste of Blue Ridge and this event, in general. Also, being right there with the guests and able to get feedback, and so on. I think it’s going to be a great evening!”


Learn more about Lansdowne Resort and Spa


Chef Steven Ferrell | Executive Chef

“I am looking forward to cooking with the other chefs. This event was so much fun last year getting a look at how the other chefs approach local products and the techniques they used.”


Learn more about our host site, Hillbrook Inn and Spa.


Chef Damien | Taste of Blue RidgeChef Damien Hinck | Executive Chef

Welcome to Damien, Open Feast was his first collaboration with Blue Ridge Root to Table’s culinary series

Learn more about Final Cut at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.


Chef Abby | Taste of Blue RidgeChef Abby McAllister | Natural Foods & Farm-to-Table Specialist

The sense of togetherness, not just between chef and guest, but between chefs, will be truly unique. The outdoors has a way of connecting us all on a very human level already, but to partake in preparing food for a group in this style, gives the event a very harmonious feeling.”

Learn more about Schenck Foods Company.

More chefs to be announced in the coming weeks.

Come and share creativity of top local chefs here in the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley. We’ll be waiting for you…

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