Chef Danie Armstrong

Head Pastry Chef at Sugar Whipped

Shepherdstown, WV

Danie Armstrong of Sugar Whipped

Meet Chef Danie Armstrong

Chef Danie brings more than 20 years of culinary experience to the table. She is the head pastry chef and owner of Sugar Whipped a small batch bakery entering its 13th year. Currently she is training internationally to be a remote culinary instructor. Earlier travels led her to living in the EU spending her time exploring food, culture and completing a global WSET wine certification out of London. Relentless curiosity, tenacity and an open mind are the foundation of her career and she is excited to share her passion with the local community. “Through food we find connection, through connection we find each other”- Danie Armstrong

About Sugar Whipped

In 2010, Danie began Sugar Whipped as a small cake hobby fueled by her passion for culinary arts. A passion born from a childhood filled with Julia Child, Bob Ross, and her late mothers cookbooks. She’s been baking since the early 1990s and studied art abroad in Paris by 2000. Family life lead her away from these passions until Sugar Whipped was formed. By 2014 a cake shop and cafe opened but then a whirlwind opportunity to live in Europe pulled her away! In 2021, she returned to Shepherdstown she is now finding her apron and paintbrush again. This time we are bringing more art into cake life!