Chef Timothy Rampey

Executive Chef at Hillbrook Inn /Redbook Restaurant

Chef Rampey’s twists traditional dishes and flavors with a modern flare

Chef Timothy Rampey of Hillbrook Inn

Meet Chef Timothy Rampey

Chef Timothy Rampey grew up on farm and has the compassion, love, and appreciation for family farms. He inherited his talent from a mother that pushed him to learn how to work on the farm and cook the food they grew. Then leaving the farm to attend college for culinary degree accompanied by a business degree before entering the world of restaurants.

Chef Rampey Foodie Bites Coming Soon!

Food is his passion

Armed with determination and passion, Chef Timothy Rampey travel around the country studying at restaurants such as Schwa, Split Rail and Masseria. Being mentored by Chefs that had talent, compassion, and commitment. He credits these Chefs for guidance they provided that have everything to do with creating the experiences that make him the success he is today.

The culinary world provides him with a platform to share his love for food and a piece of himself. Chef Timothy Rampey has a passion for food, creating traditional flavors with a modern twist. He prides himself on keeping the menus fresh and inspiring. Serving exquisitely crafted dishes.

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